We know that poor mental health can be linked to homelessness as both a symptom and a cause.

Our free counselling service offers a safe space for young people aged 16-25 to address concerns like:

  • Feeling down, stressed, low or anxious
  • Coming to terms with a bereavement, relationship breakdown, or loss of any kind
  • Dealing with anger, frustration, or when feelings are out of control
  • Problem solving skills and understanding things differently
  • Feeling stuck or lacking direction in life
  • Developing resilience

We can offer young people:

  • A safe space where to be listened to, not judged or criticised
  • Between 6 and 12 sessions free of charge
  • The opportunity to talk to someone of family and friends
  • Assistance to work out solutions to problems

Counsellor Laura says: “Adolescence and young adulthood are challenging life stages. We experience numerous psychological and physical changes and we are introduced into the “adult world”. Having a private space where young people can focus on themselves can be incredibly valuable when facing difficulties.

“At Depaul UK, we often work with young people who lack a solid support structure that they can rely on when going through transitions and difficulties. Many of them come from families who are going through a lot of hardship. Many of them are homeless. Having one hour a week of dedicated time in a safe space, where they feel valued and seen can be an empowering and changing experience.”