Over twenty years ago, Roo’s Fund was established by Ian and Jackie Tidy following the tragic death of their daughter, Ruth “Roo” Tidy.

After Ruth’s life was tragically cut short in a car accident, her grieving parents chose to donate the money she had saved for university to support young people facing homelessness. Since 1998, they have raised over £22,000 for Depaul UK to help those with experience of homelessness to access education and training.

Ian Tidy said: “Ruth could never pass an outstretched hand or indeed anyone in need, and, because of this, we wanted the money she was saving for her university expenses to help those who were in need.

“Ruth would be very proud to know her fund has helped so many people. It has helped to return to many a sense of pride and self-worth.”

Since 1998, Roo’s Fund has provided thousands of grants to hundreds of young people who have gone on to become care workers, teaching assistants, aeronautical engineers, carpenters, hairdressers, mechanics, doctors, secretaries and to join many other trades and professions.

As the need for education, employment and training services for young people experiencing homelessness grew, we developed new ways to meet that need, most recently our Steps to Success programme.

CEO Mike Thiedke said, “Here at Depaul UK we owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the Tidy family.

“In the face of unimaginable tragedy, they found a way to honour their daughter’s memory in a way that has also helped hundreds of young people to escape homelessness.

“Back in 1998, Roo’s Fund planted the seed for our employment, education and training programmes, now a central part of the work that we do, ensuring that every young person has the opportunity to reach their potential.”

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“Over twenty years have passed since we, her family, and her many friends lost Ruth. It is a comfort to us all to know money given to Roo’s Fund has assisted so many disadvantaged young people.”
“From when I can remember Ruth had always wanted to be a teacher. It was something I admired in her not having any sense of career direction myself. Her wish to impact on others and help them to achieve their potential lives on in Roo’s Fund, and it is inspiring to see how many it has helped.”
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