Depaul UK is committed to all aspects of equality, diversity and inclusion. As part of our commitment, Depaul UK has a robust and proactive EDI strategy and action plan, which helps inform our EDI agenda.  Inclusive to our EDI agenda is the ongoing monitoring and annual reporting on the gap in pay between male and female employees.

The ongoing narrative of our pay gap reporting shows that we continue to maintain a below national average gender pay gap as outlined by the following data.

Median and mean hourly earnings

On 5 April 2021 the median and mean male and female hourly pay gap differences were as follows:

Mean gender pay gap:  3.51% 

This is the amount by which the average male salary exceeds the average female salary

Median gender pay gap: 0% 

This is the amount by which the mid-point male salary exceeds the mid-point female salary

2019 2020 2021
Mean Gender Pay Gap (%) 6% 1.8% 3.51%
Median Gender Pay Gap (%) 0% -0.8% 0%


The increase in the mean gender pay gap from 1.8% in 2020 to 3.51% in 2021 is reflective of Depaul UK’s continued growth as an organisation.  We have subsequently acquired a number of services whereby employees have been transferred over from another employer.  In compliance with TUPE regulations, the employee’s employment terms are protected during the transfer process, and this includes the employee’s salary.

Although there has been a slight increase in the median gender pay gap, the percentage shows that there is no difference in pay between males and females in the middle salary range for the work they do.

On 5 April 2020 the proportion of male and female staff in each pay quartile were:

Quartile Analysis
Quartile % Males % Females
Lower Quartile
38.36 61.64
Lower Middle Quartile
20.83 79.17
Upper Middle Quartile
26.03 73.97
Upper Quartile
30.56 69.44



Putting our Words into Action

Depaul UK has positively embedded equality, diversity and inclusion into our organisational strategy, and it is inclusive in the workplans and strategies of all directorates across the organisation.  At the forefront of the EDI strategy and action plan is the People and Organisational Development Directorate who continue to work hard to ensure women, and all employees are fully supported in the workplace.  Some of the initiatives supporting this work are summarised below.

  • Our Commitment

As part of our proactive EDI action plan, continued to maintain our Investors in People – Silver award, maintain the Investors in Diversity accreditation and maintain Disability Confident Employer. We are taking active steps toward become a Living Wage employer.

  • EDI Champions

Our EDI steering group consists of employees who have voluntarily taken on the role of EDI Champion.  Their main objective is to drive forward the EDI agenda and specifically to help develop and monitor our EDI strategy and action plan, and to lead on collating EDI policy consultation feedback, and other consultation feedback relating to equality and diversity themes. They provide an integral support to the organisation as ambassadors of a culture of equality, diversity and inclusion for our employees, clients and wider society.  Our EDI Champions form part of a network of employee representatives that help signpost useful support and resources to employees, and help employees have a voice in all relevant matters.

  • Leadership and Management Development Programme

An inclusive learning and development programme offered at Depaul UK which provides equal learning opportunities for managers, supporting them to perform at their optimum within their roles, and equipping them with the tools, knowledge and skills to lead successful teams, and lead teams successfully.

  • Equal and Fair Pay

We continue to demonstrate our commitment to Equal Pay.  Our pay rates continue to be informed by regular salary benchmarking and in line with our job evaluation scheme.

  • EDI Core Learning

Each employee attends a one day EDI course as part of the induction and ongoing learning and development.  This is an interactive session which brings to life both the legal parameters of EDI in the workplace and the Depaul UK Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policies and practices.  We strive to embed EDI as an everyday human practice.

  • Client Voice

We have launched a new client voice strategy to ensure our clients’ needs remain the loudest voice within our organisation.  The strategy ensures clients have an influence over decision making at all levels, co-produce and co-deliver Depaul UK services and activities, and that client involvement is embedded in the Depaul UK culture.  This will ensure the organisation, it’s services and employees benefit from the diverse experience our clients have to offer.

  • Hybrid Working

Following an organisation wide consultation project, we have adopted a hybrid working approach, offering our staff greater flexibility and diversity in the way their work is structured.

Like many employers in the voluntary sector, Depaul UK employs more women than men, and there are proportionately more women than men at all levels of our organisation as per the following.

Male Female
Operations 28.50% 71.50%
Managers 28.80% 71.20%
Senior Managers 37.50% 62.50%

Depaul UK 2021 Gender Pay gap report