October 10th marked both World Homeless Day and World Mental Health Day, two things that we at Depaul UK know are linked.

Young people experiencing homelessness are some of the most vulnerable and isolated young people in our society and have often been through extremely traumatising events. These can include family or relationship breakdown, loss of a family member, exploitation, violence, addiction, abuse, or financial difficulties.

At least one third of people currently supported by Depaul already have an established mental health problem and anxiety, depression, addiction, and self-harm are things many of our young people are struggling with daily.

For the past two years, Depaul has significantly developed its capacity to focus on our clients’ mental health as much as their physical circumstances. We employ four Mental Health and Wellbeing Managers, who deliver a national strategy to provide mental health and wellbeing support to our young people.

In 2020 we significantly developed our capacity to focus on the mental health of young people in our care via counselling, remote mental health programs and personalised wellness plans aimed at rehabilitation.

We’re happy to report that 95% of young people in our care with an identified need relating to mental wellbeing, experienced an improvement in mental wellbeing whilst engaged with Depaul services.

Richard, 25, survived a childhood of abuse and violence, leaving him with serious mental health problems.

Escaping violence at home, he slept rough and sofa-surfed until another charity directed him to Depaul UK.

Now he’s living in stable accommodation and receiving weekly mental health counselling.


Richard’s story

To mark World Homeless Day and World Mental Health Day, we asked you to do more to end homelessness and change the lives of those affected by it.

Would you help a young person if you could?  Help now. Young lives depend on it.

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