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support homeless young people


Your skills and experience could make a real difference in our homeless volunteering work.

Volunteers are crucial to our work here at Depaul UK.

Amazing Nightstop hosts, drivers and chaperones keep people safe and off the streets every night. Mentors support the people we help to achieve and thrive – and we’ve got lots more roles besides.

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“Helping others has in turn helped me in a number of ways, giving me a sense of purpose, a career direction and confidence. I always leave with a warm feeling in my heart after volunteering.”
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“My volunteering role with Depaul has been great. All of the staff I’ve had contact with have been brilliant and so supportive. All in all, a positive and rewarding experience which I would recommend to anyone wanting to do something a bit more diverse from their day job!”
Depaul staff at Christmas making lunch
“I volunteer with Depaul because it helps me as well as helping the young people who use Depaul’s services. I get to learn new skills, meet people and feel useful when I volunteer, and whilst I feel good it is still helping someone else.”

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