Get Involved

volunteers are crucial to our work


Your skills and experience could make a real difference to the young people we work with.

Nightstop hosts, drivers, and chaperones keep young people safe and off the streets. Supported Lodgings hosts provide a home environment so young people can develop the skills they need for independent living. Mentors support young people to achieve and thrive. 

Photo of Julie
“I just wanted to help enable people who haven’t had the best start, or are finding it tricky navigating through this stage. I absolutely love volunteering. I just think when you do volunteering, you get far more back than you give. You come away just looking forward to the next session and just thinking you just might be making a difference.”
Lindsay and David sitting on a bench in a park
“I remember our first guest – he was an asylum seeker and he had some mental health issues due to the bad experiences he had been through. He told us that he would never get so low again because he now knew that people wanted to help him. Knowing what a difference our help made to him meant an enormous amount to us.”