Our call for hope

2020 has been a difficult year for young people facing homelessness, who have been placed at greater risk of harm as a result of the pandemic.

This winter we want to #ShareHope with the young people we support – and we need your help.

  • £10,000 could pay the expenses of 15 placements throughout our Nightstop Network of volunteer hosts, every night for two years.
  • £20,000 could provide for forty young people to receive a course of ten counselling sessions each, helping them to avoid relationship breakdowns which may lead to homelessness.
Bella's story

“I was at rock bottom, the lowest you could ever get.” – Bella (now 21)

Bella was referred to Depaul UK after violent arguments with an abusive partner led to her being evicted from her property. She’d been in and out of supported accommodation since leaving care at 16 and was struggling to cope. All her ambitions, her hopes and dreams, were stuck on hold.

Through Depaul UK, Bella found a safe place to stay, support with learning to live independently, and the confidence to share and then pursue her goal of a career in beauty therapy.

Now she’s flourishing – and full of hope for a brighter future. And all this is possible thanks to generous supporters like you.

Your donation could help us to turn things around for young people like Bella. Find out more about making a donation by emailing annie.hall@depaulcharity.org.uk

Get involved at work

We need your support to #ShareHope with the young people we support. You can get involved by sharing your hopes on social media using the hashtag #ShareHope, or share them directly by filling in our form.

You can also…

Display a poster at work or at home, in solidarity with young people facing homelessness

Download the poster

Use our #ShareHope Zoom background on your calls, and raise awareness of our campaign

Download the Zoom background

Young person with a winter coat on sat on stairs looking over a city
60% of the young people surveyed felt that the pandemic had had a negative impact on their personal relationships.
59% of young people surveyed felt that the pandemic had had a negative impact on their mental health.
55% of those clients in employment before Covid-19 lost their jobs or were unable to continue to work.

This winter we’re asking supporters to #ShareHope with young people facing homelessness, by sharing what gives them hope and by sharing orange hearts in solidarity with those facing homelessness.

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