HOW FAR WILL YOU WALK TO SUPPORT young people experiencing homelessness?

Take on your own Weighted Walk and help carry the weight for a young person.

When a young person flees their home, they often pack a bag quickly and leave with whatever they can carry. With nowhere to go and no one to turn to many are forced into unsafe situations. Not only is a young person fleeing home carrying the weight of their belongings but also the worry and stress of an unknown future.

We’re asking you to help us to carry the weight for young people experiencing homelessness. Not only will you carry a weighted rucksack on your sponsored walk, but you’ll also earn money to help keep our essential services running, giving young people experiencing homelessness the chance of a brighter future.

Choose your own distance, your own route, and your own weight. It’s your Weighted Walk, your way. Load up your rucksack with whatever you can carry. Fill it with books, cans, or clothes, and get going. Ask a few friends to tag along too.

The money you raise will help provide emergency and temporary accommodation, counselling and mediation, education, and training; as well as the life skills a young person needs to secure a brighter future.

Taking part

It’s as easy as putting one foot in front of the other, just with a little added weight on your back. Take part on your own, with friends, family, or both! You can walk wherever you want and as far as you want. This is a chance to challenge yourself.

Got a question? Head to our FAQ page.

Icon of hand

set up your page

Sign up to take part using the button below. Decide on your fundraising target and share your fundraising page with your friends and family.

go on your walk

It’s your walk, your way. Choose where to walk, how far, and what to carry. Don’t forget to take enough food and drink to get you round !


Get your friends and family involved and share your walks with us. Use the hashtag #WeightedWalk and tag us!

Take part in Weighted Walk

good luck on your weighted walk!

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