At Depaul UK, we work with businesses to deliver crucial change for young people experiencing, or at risk of homelessness in the UK. All corporate partnerships are unique, and our dedicated account management team will work with you to ensure we deliver against your corporate social responsibility objectives.  

To discuss opportunities, please contact: 

Ways to partner with Depaul UK 

Charity of the Year 

Does your company have a Charity of The Year programme? 

Many corporate organisations will select a charity to support for a period of time, these are often nominated by the staff. We work with several Charity of the Year partners where a dedicated account manager works with their employees to create a calendar of activities that help engage them in the work of Depaul UK and help showcase the impact of the partnership.  

Staff could get involved in volunteering opportunities, take on a fundraising challenge, or provide their expertise to help progress our mission to support young people to live fulfilling, independent lives away from homelessness.  

Cause Related Marketing Campaigns (CRM) 

CRM campaigns are an effective way to boost your sales whilst showing your customers that you support one of the UK’s leading youth homelessness charities. By donating a proportion of each sale or an agreed amount to Depaul UK, you become a brand leading the conversation about ending youth homelessness. 

Strategic Partnerships 

Ending youth homelessness cannot be done alone and we want to collaborate with long-term strategic partners to help have a transformational impact on the young people we support. Your company can use its skills, insights, and networks to help us to deliver vital strategic programmes to deliver positive outcomes for homeless young people.  

Payroll Giving 

Payroll Giving is the easiest way for staff to make regular tax-free donations to support our cause. Employees can choose a manageable donation amount each month to start supporting young people experiencing homelessness. 

Corporate Gifts and Donations 

A one-off corporate gift could come from leftover budget from a summer party or if your company has community grants. From any gifts donated, we willb demonstrate how this has had an impact on young people in our services across the country.  

Hear from one of our Corporate Partners:  

“We’re delighted to support Depaul UK as our corporate charity partner, voted for by our colleagues who saw the immense value in the support provided to young people facing homelessness.  

At OSB Group, we recognise that our people are our best ambassadors for change, and by using our collective time, resources, and expertise, we can make a tangible difference to charities such as Depaul UK not just in terms of fundraising but by also adding value through volunteering, skill sharing and people development.  

Our partnership enables us to improve our understanding of the key causes of homelessness and the part we can all play in helping to end it by taking part in initiatives such as The Nightstop Step Challenge which helps fund such a vital service.” 

Jonathan Couch- Head of Communities Impact & ESG Communications Specialist 

Young man standing in a kitchen. He is wearing a blue Nike jumper, glasses and a hat.

£5,000 could provide 250 young people with a safe bed for the night, a shower, a hot meal and the listening ear of their nightstop host

£20,000 could support 80 young people through mediation, enabling them to return home safely

£80,000 could fund our Mental health team for 6 months, ensuring hundreds of young people have access to specialist support

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