Deloitte Manchester

Depaul UK are delighted to have been chosen as Deloitte Manchester’s society partner from June 2019 until May 2022. Through Deloitte’s corporate social responsibility scheme – 5 Million Futures – Depaul will continue to benefit from staff support through fundraising, volunteering and professional pro-bono projects.

Through their ‘5 Million Futures’ initiative, Deloitte aims to support five million people to get to where they want to be; in the classroom, workplace or boardroom. As part of this approach and following the success of the wider 2016-19 partnership, Depaul UK is the chosen charity for the Manchester office, helping us to reduce inequality and overcome barriers to education and employment for the young homeless people we work for.

Deloitte Manchester Office will be supporting Depaul’s work in the North West until May 2022. Throughout the partnership, Deloitte will ensure hundreds of young people in Manchester and the surrounding area will be have access to a range of meaningful activities such as cookery classes, fitness sessions, mindfulness, money management and skill-sharing workshops.


Deloitte’s support is integral to individuals who are working to progress from instability and chaos to independence and security. All activities are focussed towards enabling young people to achieve their education, training, employment and volunteering goals and towards an independent life, off the streets and away from the dangers surrounding homelessness for good.

To find out more about supporting Depaul UK through a corporate partnership please get in touch with:

To find out more about their brilliant 5 Million Futures initiative please click here.

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