Head and shoulders image of Jo in a red hat and yellow hat.
Jo's story

As a teenager Jo was forced to leave home, where she was suffering emotional and sexual abuse.

“When I was 18 I went to university. I had been living at home with my mum, my younger brothers and my stepdad. However, my stepdad was quite abusive, it was emotional and sexual abuse. I was literally trying to be out of the house all the time.

I got to the point where I thought ‘I can’t do this anymore’. I reported the abuse to the police. It made things really difficult at home and my relationship with my mum deteriorated. I tried to go back home, but it didn’t work out. My mum said my stepdad would always be there and I should just go, leave.”

“If I hadn’t got help from Nightstop, I would have had to sleep rough.”

Read Jo’s story

What is Nightstop?

Nightstop UK is Depaul UK’s national network of trained and vetted volunteer hosts who open their doors to young people. When we refer a young person to Nightstop, they are in crisis, often facing a night on the street.

Listen to Jo share her experience of Nightstop


With a monthly gift, you can change the lives of young people across the UK and ensure they escape homelessness for good. 
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James sat on a bed
James' story

The difference you’re making is life-changing for young people like James. After James’ mum sadly died, he wasn’t safe with his dad and he ended up in the care system until the age of 18.

“It was the first point, in the entire time that I’ve been homeless, that I had some kind of emotional support. My hosts were extremely understanding. They weren’t trying to be my family, but they were a family in themselves, and I was just there. It was like a reset button. It gave me the stability that I’d needed ever since my mum died.”

Will you help a young person to leave homelessness behind for good?

All of our services are designed to help young people escape homelessness for good – beyond giving them a safe bed for the night. Here is how your donations are helping improve the lives of vulnerable young people across the country.

Icon of_money 8 could pay travel costs to a Nightstop host's home where a young person will be safe
10 could pay for a package of toiletries for a young person fleeing domestic abuse
15 could pay for a safe place to stay with a volunteer Nightstop host, including a hot meal, shower, laundry facilities and a listening ear
20 could provide a safe space for a young person who has experienced trauma to meet a counsellor
Young person sleeping on a sofa.

Youth homelessness is on the rise. your donations can change a life

Last year England saw a 50% increase in homelessness amongst people aged 18-24 compared with the previous year..

(Source: Homeless Link)

Your donation can change a young person’s future for the better.

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Founded in 1989 we specialise in supporting young people experiencing homelessness in the UK.

We support around 3,000 young people every year with supported accommodation and tailored progression support.

Our unique prevention services aim to stop vulnerable young people from ever experiencing homelessness.

We rely on donations to fund all of our homelessness prevention work including Nightstop, but which also includes:

– support for improved mental health & wellbeing
– targeted prevention work in schools
– family mediation
– bespoke support into education, training and employment opportunities

For every young person we work with we provide bespoke support so they can fulfil their potential and move towards a brighter future.

Where your money goes

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