Everyone should have a place to call home and a stake in their community. That’s why at Depaul we’re here for all young people.

We ensure every young person who comes to our service for support is made to feel included, and we give them a space to feel safe and be their true selves. In this way we can also provide support which is tailored to them, their identity and their experiences. Once this happens they are able to rebuild their lives and move on from homelessness.

By giving each young person the right support and working to prevent homelessness, we can make sure homelessness has no place in the UK. Learn below about the different ways Depaul UK supports young people experiencing homelessness and hear stories of the life changing impact this has.

What is homelessness?

To end homelessness for all young people, we need to understand and tackle the issues which cause it.

When are you homeless?

Rough sleeping is the most visible form of homelessness, but this is only part of the picture. Homelessness means not having a place to call home, and it can take many forms.

Homelessness can also be hidden. This refers to staying in informal arrangements such as staying with friends or family and sofa surfing or staying in insecure, temporary or emergency accommodation such as B&B’s and hostels.

Why do people become homeless?

Whilst some young people may be more vulnerable to becoming homelessness, everyone’s experience is different. Life events such as family breakdown, loss of a family member, or experience of abuse can push young people into homelessness. They may also find themselves homeless after leaving prison, care or as a result of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Young people can also be forced into homelessness due to wider societal issues such as poverty, unemployment, overcrowding or lack of affordable housing.

How do we end homelessness?

Each young person who experiences homelessness has different challenges they need to overcome to leave homelessness behind for good.
In order to end homelessness and change the lives of those affected by homelessness, we focus on the individual and offer tailored support specific to them and their needs. This is more than just a bed for the night.

What we do to help end homelessness
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What ending homelessness means

Our tailored support leads to greater resilience, improved confidence and increased aspirations. This means young people can reach their full potential and leave homelessness behind for good.

“Everything really stems from being at Depaul.” Ruth, 24


 “I was very depressed. I was self-harming and I had attempted suicide. I was in a very dark place. Depaul found me a bed, and the support I needed.” Joe


“Without Nightstop I literally would have been on the streets.” Jo, 18

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What you can do

We are here for all young people. Join us. Help us make sure homelessness has no place in the UK today.

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