Depaul UK works with some of the UK’s most disadvantaged young people, providing supported accommodation in partnership with local authorities in London, Greater Manchester and the North East.

We specialise in working in communities where poverty and long-term unemployment have resulted in generations of social exclusion and high levels of homelessness.

Our supported accommodation generally consists of small, shared homes where support staff work alongside young people to help them achieve independence and prevent future homelessness. Where possible, these homes are modelled on a family home with a lounge and a large kitchen for cooking, eating and working together.

For instance, Depaul House, in North Tyneside, provides a safe environment for young people to stay and develop skills for independent living. Each resident is supported by their own progression coach who devises an individual plan for the young person and helps to develop their independent living skills. They also support them in accessing training, employment, education and opportunities to volunteer.

Some of our supported accommodation specialises in particular areas of support. Camden Kaleidoscope, in London, for example, focuses on mental health, providing intensive support, particularly around the managing of behaviours and emotions, advice and guidance, liaising closely with external agencies and incorporating strong partnership links.

We believe no young person should have to sleep rough and, while we work to provide the supported accommodation as an answer to homelessness, it is also vital to prevent young people from becoming homeless in the first place.