Depaul UK submitted evidence to the Full Time Social Action Review consultation, seeking views on the benefits and barriers of full-time social action for young people to inform an independent review.

The key points arising from the submission made by Depaul UK were:

  • That Depaul would be able to deliver more services that benefited a greater number of young people if full time social action volunteering opportunities were expanded. Young people who use our services may also be able to benefit from participating in full time volunteering programmes.
  • That the Government should create a distinct legal status for full time volunteers. This status should allow volunteers to earn National Insurance Credits and claim expenses in a way which will better able them to volunteer on a full time basis.
  • That Depaul currently benefits from the involvement of full time volunteers from the European Volunteer Service (EVS), which is part of the European Union (EU) Erasmus+ programme. Brexit makes UK organisations’ continued ability to draw on EVS volunteers uncertain. Creating more full time social action volunteering opportunities could help mitigate risks around Brexit for Depaul and other organisations that involve these volunteers.

Read the Full Time Social Action Review Submission here.

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