Nightstop South Devon is a brand new service currently recruiting for volunteers living in the Torbay area. The service is being run by YMCA South Devon, and hopes to begin hosting people facing homelessness in autumn 2021.

What is Nightstop?

Nightstop South Devon offers emergency accommodation for young people facing homelessness. This accommodation is offered in the homes of trained and vetted volunteers, who are supported by professional staff. This offers an accommodation option which may be more suitable for young people than traditional homeless shelters.

The national Nightstop Network comprises over 30 services across the UK, and is run by national homeless charity Depaul UK.

How to access emergency accommodation in South devon?

Nightstop South Devon is not yet accepting referrals. Information on how to access support with housing from Torbay Council can be found here.


How long can you stay at a Nightstop in South DEVON?

Placements usually last from one night to three weeks. During this time, Nightstop South Devon staff will work with clients to help them find more permanent accommodation. Most placements will involve staying with more than one host.


What’s included as part of the accommodation?

Young people are given a private room, a warm meal and access to washing facilities in a safe home. They will also have breakfast in the morning, and a packed lunch if they need one.


Become a Nightstop South devon Volunteer

Nightstop in South Devon relies on the generosity of volunteer hosts. These hosts offer their spare bedrooms on a night-by-night basis, and receive expenses payments to cover the additional cost of having another person in the house. You can find out more information about becoming a Nightstop volunteer here, or get in touch using the contact details below.


Contact Nightstop SOUTH DEVON

Telephone: 01803551578 or 07519374592