Homelessness charity Depaul UK has appointed Kevin Clements as its new Executive Director for Fundraising and Communications.

Kevin, who is currently Director of Fundraising & Marketing at Animal Health Trust, previously worked for St Nicholas Hospice Care, Suffolk Mind and Sue Ryder Care, and has spent the past 15 years building fundraising and marketing teams for causes including hospices, neurological care, mental health and scientific research.

Depaul UK CEO Mike Thiedke said: “We are absolutely thrilled that Kevin is joining us at this crucial time as we handle the repercussions of the Coronavirus Crisis and develop our six-year organisational strategy.

“Kevin has an impressive track record, working as a director for 10 years and leading on projects including the set-up of an innovative hospice outreach centre combining services and income generation, the project management of a wellbeing centre in a disused church and the brand development of several organisations, where he focused on improving digital marketing and the acquisition of new supporters.”

Kevin said he was “very excited” to be joining Depaul UK and taking on an incredibly worthy challenge.

He said: “With the obvious increase and strain on the most vulnerable people in our society, I am honoured to be joining this dynamic team.

“Depaul is a truly inspiring charity with the strongest values I have encountered in my career. I look forward to working with the team, who are clearly focused on helping as many vulnerable people as possible.”

Kevin, who will start his new role in early June, also has strong experience as a major gifts fundraiser, and has staged national events at Buckingham Palace, Spencer House and other high profile locations  with a focus on maximising income and awareness for charitable causes. He is a member of the Institute of Fundraising.

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