A Greater Manchester project providing accommodation for young people who have experienced or been at risk of homelessness is getting a new library, thanks to a donation from local charity We Love MCR.

Staff at the project applied for a grant to provide a library for young people staying in the supported accommodation project.

Progression Coach Georgios Kalampalikis said: “In the past we’ve had requests for books and library resources. We’ve always had a few books here and there, but we thought it would be nice to set up a properly stocked library for the young people who live here.”

The £1064.29 grant will be spent on a range of resources to meet the needs of SafeStop residents. This will include fiction and non-fiction books, comics and graphic novels, educational materials, books on topics such as mental health and self-care and other resources like board games and mood cards.

SafeStop accommodates up to ten young people at any time, and provides round-the clock support for young people as part of Depaul UK’s accommodation offering. Young people are encouraged to develop the skills they need to live independently, before moving on to their own accommodation.

We Love MCR is a charity built on the legacy of the solidarity seen in response to the Manchester Arena attack. The organisation works with some of Greater Manchester’s most vulnerable people and most ambitious communities to help them to write Manchester’s next chapter.

Georgios said: “We’re very grateful to We Love MCR for the grant, which we know will be very useful and bring a lot of pleasure to the young people we work with here at SafeStop.”


By Donating
could provide a safe space for a young person who has experienced trauma to meet a counsellor.
You could provide a tablet so a young person can stay connected, enabling them to apply for jobs or bid for long-term housing.
could fund the cost of a uniform needed by a young person starting a vocational college course like catering or construction.
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