By Dan Dumoulin – 22 November 2019

Policy and Public Affairs Manager Dan Dumoulin blogs about why we’re involved in the End Homelessness Now campaign and how you can help us.


Here at Depaul UK we believe in a society where everyone has a place to call home, but homelessness figures have soared in recent years. Overall rates of rough sleeping have climbed 165 per cent. In 2017/18, over 100,000 young people approached their local authority seeking help for homelessness.

Our Life on the Streets report shows that little affordable accommodation is available in many areas for young people on low incomes. We also know that young people are especially vulnerable when they’re homeless; most are harmed in some way. More than 55 per cent of those surveyed in our Danger Zones and Stepping Stones II research experienced harm.

That’s why we’re joining forces with other charities to make homelessness a key issue during this election. Alongside Crisis, Shelter, St Mungo’s, Homeless Link and Centrepoint we’re asking each political party to commit to publishing a plan to end homelessness.

We know that homelessness is an issue close to voters’ hearts and we believe that together we can make ending homelessness a priority for the next government.

The joint manifesto calls for the next government to put in place a plan which commits to:

  • Improving access to truly affordable housing.
  • Strengthening support through the welfare system.
  • Providing long-term, guaranteed funding for services which prevent homelessness and quickly get people off the street and into a stable home.

To achieve a commitment from all political parties, we’re asking supporters to help us contact politicians and raise the profile of this campaign as much as possible. We want you to:

We’ll also be supporting and encouraging the young people we work with to register to vote and exercise their democratic right. Find out more about how you can help by visiting the End Homelessness Now campaign website and join the call to #EndHomelessness in this general election.