Depaul UK, as part of the Depaul International Group, is delighted to be a Sector Partner for Homewards, a new five-year initiative launched today (Monday 26 June) by Prince William and The Royal Foundation.  

 Homewards is a nationwide programme that will operate at a local level. It will bring together individual experts, sector partners, and local expertise to find innovative solutions and to demonstrate that together it is possible to end homelessness: making it rare, brief, and unrepeated. 

The campaign will launch in six flagship locations across the UK, including Lambeth where Depaul UK will also be a delivery partner.  

 It will support local partners to form locally led coalitions of committed individuals, organisations, and businesses. Together, they will create and deliver a tailored plan to prevent homelessness in their areas, based on local needs and local expertise. 

 As a sector partner, Depaul UK will work alongside Depaul International and Depaul Ireland to share our frontline expertise within the coalition. As a delivery partner, Depaul UK will work with the local authority in Lambeth to provide innovative and effective solutions to ending homelessness in the borough.  

Mike Thiedke, Depaul UK’s CEO said: “We are delighted to be a Sector Partner as part of the Depaul Group and to support the campaign delivery in Lambeth for the Prince of Wales’s new campaign, Homewards. 

“Homewards will create a unique, never-seen-before, space for the country’s leading experts (the sector, individual professionals, and local people with lived experience) to work collaboratively together, redefining our approach to homelessness, and creating the long-lasting solutions we need to end homelessness for good. 

 “This is a hugely exciting opportunity and important step forward for the homeless sector, but even more crucially, for those affected by homelessness now and in the future.” 

 The Royal Foundation is bringing together an unprecedented network of organisations and individuals, which include:  

  • National Expert Panel: individuals with renowned knowledge of homelessness and related themes, providing best-in-class advice across the programme. 
  • Sector Partners: leading homeless organisations sharing their frontline expertise. 
  • Activators: organisations from a range of sectors and industries who will contribute skills, resources, and investment to support the locations to deliver the solutions needed to prevent homelessness. 
  • Advocates: individuals either with lived experience of homelessness or who have worked passionately in this space to make change, to help generate public support and reframe the issue. 

The impact of Homewards will reach beyond the six locations, with results and findings from each location being used to create a flexible, tried, and tested model that can be adopted by other areas in the UK and internationally. 

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