Depaul UK delivers bold and energetic workshops to whole year groups, using digital media and creative techniques to educate young people about youth homelessness and related issues. We equip young people with crucial information early so they can safely navigate future challenges and know where to go for support.

We also offer schools a package of focussed workshops designed for smaller groups who are at higher risk.

We work with schools long-term so that we can best support their young people, and where relevant refer them into our other targeted services including family support and emergency accommodation.

The programme aims to:

  • Give young people an accurate and relevant understanding of youth homelessness.
  • Help students identify issues that lead to homelessness and provide them with the knowledge necessary to help them address these.
  • Empower young people to be confident to seek further support.
  • Identify and target young people most at risk to support them in developing their mental wellbeing, their ability to maintain healthy relationships and manage conflict and make well-informed and safer choices when faced with risks.
  • Train professionals to ensure they are best able to support young people who may be at risk of homelessness.
Choices – Key Stage 3:

Young people have the chance to make the decisions for a teenager affected by homelessness, taking part in workshop activities to learn about family breakdown, healthy relationships, exploitation, identifying risks and seeking support.

Missing – Key Stage 4:

A hard-hitting workshop which uses digital media and a compelling mystery to develop young peoples’ critical thinking skills and their understanding of youth homelessness. It explores healthy relationships with family and peers, conflict and risk-taking.

Moving On – Key Stage 5:

Focusing on their transition to adulthood, young people look in-depth at the reality of leaving home and their changing responsibilities, relationships, and decisions. They develop an understanding of why so many young people experience homelessness and are given vital information on the options and support available.

Our Impact in 2020
+7,000 students reached 80% of young people said that they had a better understanding of how young people can become homeless at the end of the session Icon of a briefcase 100% of teachers who provided feedback were satisfied with the workshop Icon of a house 79% of young people said that they now knew more about how to keep themselves safe if they didn’t have somewhere stable to live 98% of teachers who provided feedback said they were likely to recommend the programme to other schools

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