Our peer-led housing project is an innovative scheme designed to allow those with low-support needs to access affordable housing.

The first properties were donated by Commonweal Housing and are offered to young people in employment, education and training. These tenants pay an affordable rent, whilst learning the ropes of renting, often for the first time.

One tenant in each property takes on a leadership role, coordinating with Depaul UK staff on issues like property maintenance. In return for these increased responsibilities, the lead tenant receives a contribution for a deposit on another property when they move on.

Maya was a student when she was referred by our Housing Advice service in London, after realising that her accommodation was an illegal sub-let.

She says, “It’s been great, it’s a really quiet environment for studying. The other girls and I are close in age so we all know what everyone else is going through.

“We know who needs to study, who needs to get up for work and stuff. We work with each other’s schedule.”

Project coordinator Kiran Dutt says: “The project works really well, everyone is really respectful of each other and we’re careful to place housemates together who we think will get on well.”

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